Market Validation Funnel

A Playbook for Building High-Growth VenturesBook coming September/October 2024

$1.98 Trillion Dollars wasted each year building and launching the wrong products

Each year, over 90% of new ideas from successful corporations fail - wasting $1.98 trillion and 4.76 million man-years building and launching the wrong products.The Market Validation Funnel is a playbook for corporate innovators and entrepreneurs to increase the number of bets they can take by making them smaller and faster so you can learn more about your customers.

Minimum Viable Model

Create an initial well-informed hypothesized business model. Research the market (landscape, competition, etc.), denote what you know and what you don't know, and create a dashboard for your venture.

Minimum Viable Learning

What is the minimum “thing” you need to do to validate/invalidate your business model assumptions? This oftentimes is in the form of Customer Discovery activities with market/customer research (qualitative) & rapid market experimentation (quantitative).

Minimum Viable Solution

Low-fidelity high-manual touch version of an MVP that pieces together off-the-shelf software (open-source, SaaS) with little-to-no coding in order to test a proposed solution. This allows for quick feedback/iterations. This is coupled with Customer Development, early adopter onboarding, and pre-sales activities.

A Playbook for Building High-Growth Ventures

Lean Startup systemized - creating a repeatable process to create new ventures using the scientific method.

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